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Ventrue Documents


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On the Subject of the Masquerade.

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The role of the Ventrue

Of all of the Clans, the Ventrue are blessed with the ability to best defend the Masquerade. Much has been written over the centuries of our social dominance using the gifts of Presence and Domination, and so I will not go into too much detail regarding their use, other than in Masquerade defence, instead directing the reader to examine older texts for these details.

However both of these gifts has a role in our defence of the masquerade. The abilities granted by Presence can help in the investigation stages, with Domination being most useful when the time comes to effect any repairs needed.

It is my feeling that no matter what the circumstances, the Clan Ventrue must always be prepared to aid any defence of the masquerade, and seek wherever possible to arrange to be placed in the position of Defender. Much in the same fashion that the Toreador often make excellent Keepers of Elysium, the Ventrue Have much to offer in this position. Without the abilities detailed above, a defender may often have to ask favours from others that do, and the delays that this could cause may lead to disaster.

Assuming of course that a Ventrue rises to the position (as is often the case) the relevant directorate should seek to support him or her in their endeavours. It is unseemly for the Defender to be forced to borrow influence, although it is common, and therefore his first choice of places to borrow influence from should be the directorate. In the case of a non-Ventrue defender, the ideal situation would be to somehow force the Defender to become over-reliant on Ventrue support, in order to be best able to replace the Defender at a later date. This of course is politics, and will not be discussed further.

The Psychcology of the Masquerade Terrorist

It would of course be unnecessary for this work to be written if all Kindred simply obeyed the rule of the Masquerade. However for a variety of different reasons, and at a variety of different tinies, actions will be taken by Kiiidred that may cause a mortal or mortals to gain evidence of the existence of the Kindred. Different situations will be discussed later, but for now, why does one of us seek to destroy our ever fragile masquerade?

There is sadly no obvious reason. In many of the cases simple stupidity is at work, or perhaps a Kindred in the grip of Frenzy. Of course these do not excuse the crime, but may go some way to explain it. Depending on the severity of the breech, it may be permissible to impose a lesser punishment than Death, but these occasions are rare.

A more tenible type of criminal is what both Caradoc and myself call Masquerade Terrorists. Typically this type of Kindred is going out of their way to destroy the masquerade. Driven by a variety of reasons - Political vendettas, a lingering and over the top respect for humanity, or even its reverse a bestial inhumanity sated only by over the top acts of carnage. Whatever the reason this type of criminal is capable of an incredible series of incidents and most cannot be destroyed upon capture, lest the capable Defender lose the only source of information on the crimes be lost. In the cairns case, only by tracking and capturing cairns himself was I able to discover the true extent of his crimes, and therefore effect a reasonable Defence.


Like all crime, the sentence itself is not a major deterrent. Only the certainty of punishment is effective. With this in mind, the astute Defender will immediately form about him or herself the best possible investigative team. I recommend that if possible a member of this team should be proficient in the use of the Auspex abilities of Spirits Touch and Aura sight. For the more unusual cases other specialists may be required such as occult experts, but it is often unnecessary to have such specialists on longterm contracts. The Defender him or herself must cultivate such abilities themselves as to be an intregal part of the team, which they must not allow to overshadow their own undoubted abilities.

Once a Criminal has been caught in most cases the punishment will be death. Wherever possible the Defender should strive for a ritual execution in a meeting of the Kindred. This serves to remind the Kindred Presence of both the Defenders ability in catching criminals, but also of the harsh penalty that will be paid. The only times this is inadvisable is when a defender is unsure that the Prince will grant the Death Penalty, such as when tracking a friend or ally of the Prince. In such cases Lethal Force should be brought to bear as soon as the Criminal is caught, and explained as being necessary to stop further breeches being made.

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