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Nathan leFleur

CharNameNathan leFleurNatureVisionaryGeneration10th
Emailnathanlefleur@aol.comDemeanorBon VivantHaven
URLClanVentrueConceptFashion Desgner

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Born Nathan Jackson in Huddersfield on 14th September 1943, Nathan was raised by his Mother and 5 Sisters, his father died whilst in France during the D-Day landings. Nathan had always shown talent and an artistic bent. Bullied throughout his childhood for being "girly" he excelled at art, music and needlework.

After attending 6th form College Nathan was able to secure himself a place at Huddersfield Polytechnic where he studied for his BA Fashion and Textiles, upon completion of his course he stayed at the polytechnic to continue his study towards his MA. Whilst studying he met a beautiful woman who sponsored his studies. He knew her only as Mme. Du Rois, and that she came to visit him every evening to see his progress.

At the end of his studies she offered him a place in her Boutique, working as lead designer for Maison Du Rois, a very successful fashion house during the mid-sixties, and he of course accepted. After working for her for 2 years she finally told him her secret... She was a vampire, a Toreador to be precise, and that she was grooming him to join her. This was 1967, and it was then that he first tasted vampire blood.

After a year of being the Ghoul servant of the beautiful Mme. Du Rois, learning how to heighten his senses to better see the fine stitchwork that had become the hallmark of his designs disaster struck – his patron, and friend disappeared. Distraught, Nathan went to the Black Thorn Club, where he knew that Mme. Du Rois went to meet other Kindred. Stopped at the door, Nathan demanded to speak to the owner, Augustus Deceres. Upon hearing that he had been asked for by name, Augustus came to the door, and was told all by Nathan. Without knowing it, this had signed his death warrant. Augustus took him into his private office with the intention of killing the poor lad (Augustus himself was the reason for Mme. Du Rois' untimely disappearance – unbeknownst to Nathan to this day).

It was at this point that Augustus realised the potential use of a Toreador-esque Ventrue who could spy on the Clan of the Rose and keep him up-to-date with the politics of the city, and so, on the eve of his 25th Birthday Nathan was embraced into the Clan of Kings.

Upon his release into Kindred society, Nathan immediately left for Paris, to find Mme. Du Rois, and made his name in the centre of Toreador Society. Fawned over and mourned by the Clan of the Rose as a loss to Ventrue greed, he was introduced to the world as one of the Greatest designers ever, and has kept this facade since the mid-seventies. In these later nights he no longer appears in public as himself, but uses one of the many monikers that he has developed, mortals seem to be able to believe nearly anything of the famous, from anti-aging plastic surgery to the fact that he is his own son, and heir to the fortunes of the now-named LeFleur Enterprises.

In the mid-nineties, Augustus called Nathan to the Fief of Tyne and Wear to study his Ventrue Nature under the Clan Elder of that Fief, Caradoc. After the resignation of Caradoc to pursue his career in the Clan Headquarters of Hamburg, the Clan was headed by Jason Faustus Scorpio, adopted childe of Caradoc, and under his leadership Nathan was able to rise to the Gerousia of the Fief, however Mr Scorpio did not last long in his tenure, and the only possible replacement was Mr LeFleur. After 3 years of Eldership of the clan, he passed the baton to one of his own protoges, Archie Carter, and left to hunt once again for his beloved Mme. Du Rois.

It is at this stage that he is now... Hunting for his lost love.