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OOC Information
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Advice to Neonates
Ventrue Documents
Character Creation
Vampire T&W Rules

Out of Character Information.

In this set of pages I'll be putting info on about how to create a character, playing, costume and other such like...
I hope you'll find it informative, and if not then I hope you'll tell me...

Vampire : Tyne and Wear has it's own set of rules written by Andy Rafferty.  To have a look at the Fourth Edition Rules (Slightly out of date... But at least you'll get the idea... Then Click on the following link...

Vampire: The Masquerade is White Wolf Publishing Inc. Use of various trademarks is not intended to challenge their copyright.Tyne and Wear Vampire is run on a not for profit basis.
Tyne and Wear Vampire was created by the insane genius of Andrew S. Rafferty