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The Temple of Tigger!
Proud to be Tigger!


Tigger may or may not be gay, we just don't know, but here I have mixed those two parts of my life together!

Okay, Let's get this straight before I even start...  I am not suggesting that Tigger is sexual in any way, just having a bit of fun...  If you take offence at this site then please move on.  I am not here to justify myself to you or anyone else.  Now that I have that clear I hope you like this little "Gay Pride Tigger" page, I found the pix and thought they were great!!

"Hallo, everybody," said Tigger cheerfully.


'You've got to remember, whoever you are, that God loves all the flowers, even the wild ones that grow at the side of the highway.' - Cyndi Lauper

Worried about your sexuality?  Heres a couple of links for some help and advice...


The Terrance Higgins Trust is a sexual health organisation for Gay Men, but also has a lot of resources for other matters. 

The site is an American site, but is really well done as a resource for young Non-Hetrosexuals.

Please note that all images of Tigger on this site are copywrite the Disney Corporation and have not been licensed from the Disney Corporation in any way.  Use of these images is not meant to be a challenge to the Disney Corporation or the estate of A.A.Milne.  This is a personal website and therefore if anyone wishes me to remove these pictures please email me and I will remove them as soon as possible.

DISCLAIMER: This page contains pictures of Tigger in gay pride clothing or other iconography. Such an appearance is NOT an endorsement or implied support by Disney of gay pride.

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