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Case Study

The Defence of the Masquerade
A Guide for Ventrue
by Jason Peterson

Case Study - Operation Cold Dawn

We will now examine am extreme masquerade action in order to best give a more rounded example of what can be done in some situations. Obviously this situation has already been used and should not be copied for reasons that should be obvious, but is included here to illustrate the points already given.

Situation: High Society types had become corrupted by the children of Baal. Obviously due to the nature of the people involved, this could easily spread to other areas such as media, legal, police, politics et al. The nature of the corruption meant that these people were indulging in behaviour so vile that if it had come to large scale attention questions would be asked which would damage the masquerade.

Solution: Obviously speed was the most important factor here, the longer those affected were allowed to remain free, the greater the number affected would be. A large-scale police operation was launched to arrest those affected, literally all of those high society types in the fief. The excuse given was a counter terrorism action. The scale of this action attracted massive media interest that could not be deflected, and in itself was threatening to the masquerade.

Those affected were sent to treatment area, where they were subjected to a barrage of supernatural assaults over a period of months which was designed to recondition them to more normal behaviour patterns. Several of those affected were driven insane by this procedure, or by the realisation of the acts that they had performed. These were set up to be patsy in this case. Ultimately those treated were released.

Obviously the Children of Baal were largely responsible for this action, but as a punishment to those whose high society had been affected (they had not informed the defender that much was amiss, and it had only came to attention when media interest had begun) their contacts were held away from them for a time. Furthermore the Toreador Elder at the time, who it was felt was the major offender in this case, had his public persona destroyed.


Hopefully this document will assist in learning the basic principles of masquerade defence. Only through experience will the lessons be learnt properly, but if this document manages to avert a single breech of the masquerade, or assist in any way to a cover up operation then it will have done its job.

Yours in the blood,

Jason Peterson

Childe of Caradoc

Childe of Petillus Corialis

Childe of Autacrus Tyvan

Childe of Lydia of Spartan

Childe of Democritas

Childe of the Founder, Childe of Enoch, Childe of the Son of the First Mortal.

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