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Tyne and Wear Directorate
Bygone Members

Past Luminary (and not so luminary) members of the Tyne and Wear Directorate.


You will have heard of Caradoc, he is the current Justicar to the Camarilla of our clan. Former Defender of the Masquerade in Tyne and Wear and Elder of the Directorate for over four years, he was the first proponent of the two-tier Directorate system now used worldwide by the clan.

Mordecai leNoir

Mordecai was a very secretive member of the clan, living in Alnwick Castle for many years he was the victim of many high-profile Malkavian pranks, two of the most notable being the pelting of the castle with frozen chickens and the painting of it pink with yellow spots, and the ensuing visit from Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds. Mr leNoir disappeared after being dragged into a shadow along with Caradoc, he was never seen again...

Peter St John Smythe

Another secretive member of the Clan, Mr Smythe was put to death by the hands of Caradoc for Breach of the Masquerade, his death was very messy and included the sealing of ghouled maggots into his chest cavity. Be warned the tradition of the masquerade is upheld very strongly in the Fief...

Morgaine Mayfair

Ms Mayfair left shortly after the promotion of Caradoc and has not been seen or heard from since. A close ally of the Giovanni clan she was a well-known Necromancer and it was speculated that she may actually be a member of that clan posing as a Ventrue. An accusation she vehemently denied.

Joceph Salome

Mr Salome was a member of the Directorate for a while, and although it came to light that he was not a member of the Clan, being an Elder of the lost Clan of Capadocius he was treated as a full member of the Directorate whilst in Tyne and Wear. When Ms Mayfair's loyalties were made public he also left before the Usurper clan Giovanni could track him down. It is believed that he is currently still in hiding.

Jonathon VonKoln

Mr VonKoln was a former Elder of the Clan, taking over after the promotion of Caradoc. He was a scientist and the creator of the Sun-Gun or Plasma Weapon that created and fired a bolt of artificial sunlight to incapacitate and kill kindred. He later became Prince of the Fief, only to be enlisted by a group of what appeared to be Mages.

Jason Peterson

Also Elder of the Directorate, Mr Peterson (Now Jason Faustus Scorpio) was the adopted childe of Caradoc until he performed some action to displease the Justicar. He fled the Fief whilst Prince and before he was disowned by Caradoc and stripped of all Status and Prestige that he had earned, he moved to the Fief of Liverpool just before it disappeared...

Picture stolen from the Tyne and Wear Website...

The Fief of Tyne and Wear has produced many well-known kindred throughout the years, here are a few who made their name known...

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