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Tyne and Wear Directorate
Who's who

Ventrue society is based on a strict hierarchical structure. In order to save yourself loss of dignitas, you may wish to acquaint youself with those Kindred already established within the Directorate.

The Elder Directorate (Gerousia)

Nathan leFleur - Elder
Although relatively young, Nathan has had a coloured past. His wealth of experience in such a short period has assured his success within the Clan. Originally embraced as a hostage to the Treaty of Durham, his early days were spent in Paris, which has had a profound effect upon him.

Sir John Delaval - Praetor
Awaking after a long period of Torpor, Sir John has re-established his position within the North-East, as a respected and traditional member of the Ventrue Clan. He is currently serving as Defender of the Masquerade.

Jack Spears - Lictor
Mr Spears is viewed as an enigmatic figure within the Clan, however his individual abilities make him an invaluable colleague. 
Archie Carter - Aediles
One of the newest members of the Directorate, Archie has shown great aptitude in mediating between disparate members of the Board. His skills in the modern medium of information technology make him a great asset to the Clan.

Rhiannon Chase - Questor
Childe of Archie Carter, Rhiannon has recently been released and has begun the difficult process of establishing herself as a valuable member of the Clan. Her involvement in The Ritual to cleanse the Fief has provided her with an excellent platform for promotion.  It is hoped that she will rise to the position she has recently achieved. 

The Younger Directorate

Mr Twiglet (tm) - Questor
Although he is a reformed Anarch, Twiglet has proved himself to be an important asset to the Board.  As such he holds the position of Chair of the Younger Directorate.  Regretfully, due to the fact that he will not accept the Camarilla, his prospects are limited. However, it is hoped in time that he will become a functional member of Kindred society.
Alex Rathbone - Interim Member 
As a new addition to the Directorate, Mr Rathbone is somewhat of an unknown quantity, however, from the little we have seen of him he has comported himself well in kindred society and appears to be a welcome addition to the Directorate.  The Gerousia have great hopes for him and will be watching his career with interest.
Andie Allen - Interim Member
Mr Allen only joined the Board last month - more info will follow soon.
Jonni Johannssen - Interim Member
Mr Johannssen only joined the Board last month - more info will follow soon.
Miguel Sanchez - Interim Member
Miguel only joined the Board last month - more info will follow soon.

Welcome to the Tyne and Wear Directorate

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