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Tyne and Wear Directorate
What's New?

What's new at Vencorp Online?

Update 19th May 02 - We now have a hits counter (Why... because it was there!)
And a guest book...

Updated 15th May 02 -
New pages in Advice for Neonates :
Go there and have a look!
Updated 17th June 02
The Who's who page has now been updated with links to the pages of the Members of the Directorate.  I'm waiting for some info and pix to arrive, but when they do they'll be in here!  I've also updated the Advice for neonates pages with some stuff, have a look at - the What's new page for more info.  I've also made Vencorp: Online  more accessable, as it is background info for the structure of our mortal persona's - to see it click on the link above or go to
Updated 20th June 02
More stuff in Advice for Neonates : - for the 'what's new' page - I've put a copy of the Ventrue Guide to Manipulating Nearly Everyone You Will Ever Meet v2.0 on the site.  I'm also working on an OOC page, I'm working on some tips for making a background for your character at the mo...
22 June 2002
As requested by Andy, I now have the first Document - Clan Ventrue - Traditions and History, by Mr Jason Peterson and a Document by Nathan leFleur on New Ventrue up on the new Online Archives page :
Note : If you are not a member of Clan Ventrue then the Online Archives page is OOC (It's on the Secure Vencorp Server.) 
7th July 2002
Yes I know that the last updated thing say's the 8th - but it's still last night to me!  right - just in case you're wondering what the 'Votes' thing is all about in the Who's who page - have a look at the Advice for Neonates Pages (the new pages on Dignitas and Meetings.)
12th July 2002
Thanks to Mr Rafferty, who sugested that we have some sort of page about Bygone Members here's one I made, don't know how accurate the info is, most of it's rumour, but hey-no, some of it's true... possibly!
...Remember - If you can think of something we need then please feed it back - there's email addresses all over the sites! And if you can't find them then email Ethan at ... Thanks ...

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