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Tyne and Wear Directorate
Internal Communications

In order to allow constant discussion, this section provides various ways in which members of the Directorate may be contacted.

Due to the Lack of use, the Online Conference room has been removed, it is now an Elysium for Primogen and Court of the Fief of Tyne and Wear.

To access the Board please contact either Nathan or Archie to recieve authorisation.

Enter Elysium

Following is a link to the Fief of Tyne and Wear's open forum, where you will be able to discuss matters of import with members of other clans - remember however that your conversations will be scrutinized by kindred worldwide.

Open Forums

To facilitate contact to us, please find below the email addresses available for the Directorate

Nathan leFleur

Sir John Delaval

Archie Carter

Rhiannon Chase

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