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Ventrue Documents


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The Clan Ventrue - Traditions and History
A Treatsy by Mr Jason Faustus Scorpio

With our Traditions and rules no Ventrue is truly alone in the world. Trouble can be dealt with by a group, and by consensus. Even for those of the Questors they are able to operate in a relatively safe environment and shown methods that their sires may not have been able to. While in the first they remain products of the sire, we ensure that in the end they are Ventrue.


Jason Peterson

Childe of Caradoc

Childe of Petillius Corialis

Childe of Autarus Tyvan

Childe of Lydia of Spartan

Childe of Democritas

Childe of the Founder, Childe of Enoch, Childe of the son of the first mortal.

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