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The Chosen of Caine

The Clan Ventrue - Traditions and History
A Treatsy by Mr Jason Faustus Scorpio

'Our History is our guide' or so an ancient maxim states. Whilst it is true that many dispute parts of the history handed down to us, it is important to remember that this is the history with which we use to guide us.

When Caine ordered his childer to beget the Third Generation, he specifically chose our founder as the first, and demanded that Ynosh [vulgarly known as Enoch] to embrace him. Our founder quickly became Caines advisor and confidant.

Our founder assisted Caine in the running of the first city, but the others of the Third generation became jealous of our founder's position. After the flood, when Caine left the Kindred, he spoke to our founder and entrusted to him the task of leading the Kindred in Caines absence. However the second generation refused to accept this, and instead took the mantle of leadership themselves.

The other Kindred of the Third generation turned to our founder for guidance and under his leadership they banded together and slew the Second Generation. This accomplished they then set about building the second city. Ultimately when it became overcrowded our founder was forced to lay down the law and bring the Kindred into line. He banished the more unruly elements [such as Set], and none could stand up to his authority.

Some resented his high handedness, but peace ensued for a time, and our founder began to search for Caine, leaving one of his childer to watch over the city in his absence. Ultimately however, the city fell to the Third generations petty bickering with each other [details of the dark deeds that took place in those nights are all too familiar in the histories of tlie other clans]

Obviously the rest of the Clans history traces the move west made by the surviving Ventrue, and the empires and glories which they attended to. I will not go into much detail, needless to say it is a fascinating topic for research, which I would encourage the reader to seek answers for themselves.

The point of this small point of history is this. As in the words of our founder, we rule, and have always done. We are the chosen leaders of the Kindred by Caines own decree. Regardless of the Truth of the matter, we seem to have taken it to heart.

No other Clan comes close to matching us in our Drive, Ambition and Successes.

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