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Ventrue Documents


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Noblesse Oblige

The Clan Ventrue - Traditions and History
A Treatsy by Mr Jason Faustus Scorpio

As we have previously seen. Leadership of the Kindred is a Divine right of the Clan. For evidence of such we may look at our gifts. In combination they make us ideal Leaders for the Kindred. However it is NOT our right to treat the other Kindred as slaves or playthings. Our place is to be there to give wise counsel or Leadership when it is required of us. This is what Caine intended, so this is how it will be.

The phrase that we usually borrow is "noblesse oblige". Basically we must work on behalf of our fellow Kindred for the betterment of the entire race of Caine. Having been given the power, position and ability it is up to us to pay society back.

As the most influential Clan in the Camarilla, the sect relies upon us to be strong. Therefore accruing power and influence is a noble act, rather than a selfish one. Our strength benefits the Camarilla.

Of course we are not obligated to help those who do not want it. We have no obligation to the Anarchs, or the Sabbat. If Clans want our assistance, they would be in the Camarilla. Of course if it is in OUR interests to help, then of course we shall do so. Obligation is a two way street.

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