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Ventrue Documents


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The Properties of a weak Directorate

The Two Tier Directorate


-The Directorate is largely ignored or worse, a joke. Individual members MAY be feared and respected, but this does not transfer to the others.

-Joint projects are undertaken externally to the Directorate. Their aim is to increase individual holdings.

-Resources and Influence are jealously guarded. Members are forced to work externally.

-Infighting is common, and occurs publicly. This has lead to deaths.

-The two directorates are at war, or simply do not exist. In its place may be some other archaic form of Directorate structure, since disregarded by the Clan as a whole as 'unworkable'.

-Directorate members are left to their own devices. Overlap is common.

-The Defender deals with defence of the Masquerade. Other Directorate members Commit occasional Breeches.

-External trading is rife. Boons are owed out by most of the Directorate, in worst cases much of the Directorate is in thrall.

-Growth of power is non-existent with occasional bursts.

-Directorate members are obsessed with personal power, and the Directorate is seen as simply a means to an end.

-Directorate rarely meets, in most meetings members are absent or late.

-Directorate falls apart in martial situations.

-Loss of personnel is usually due to death.

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