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Ventrue Documents


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The Two Tier Directorate

The Clan Ventrue - Traditions and History
A Treatsy by Mr Jason Faustus Scorpio

Whilst it is only right and proper that all members of a Directorate would wish to be treated as Aediles, in practice this is unworkable. In most Directorates there is a constant flow of Kindred through the city, and to suggest that a newly arrived fledgling be given the same degree of access to Clan assets, and the same say in Clan policy, is high foolishness.

Furthermore, by treating the entire Directorate as equal, means that the younger members of the Directorate may find themselves without direction, or worse - unprotected. The two tier Directorate system seeks to address this, and as will hopefully be seen, provides advantages for members of both tiers.

It is not my intention to speak of the three (or even four) tier Directorate system. Whilst such systems exist, they are in my opinion archaic and unworkable. Under the two tier system both Praetor and Eiren still exist, but their roles are also differently worked.

As in all truly workable systems, promotion between the Directorates is possible. The same can be said for the reverse, although it is much less common (assuming of course that one was not wrongly selected for promotion). Also by means of a conclusion to my writings regarding the two tier Directorate, I have included a list of the properties of both a weak and a strong Directorate. Hopefully it should be obvious how the Aediles / Questor system would assist in achieving these properties.

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