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Ventrue Documents


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Roles and Responsibilities 1 - Aediles (the Elder Directorate)

The Two Tier Directorate

First it is important to mention the Praetor, and the Elder. Members of the Elder Directorate (or a single member) must hold both of these positions. The duties of the Praetor have already been described, but while the Praetor is responsible for dealings "in-house", it is the responsibility of the Elder to deal with the other Clans. It is important for this Elder to be the right sort of Ventrue. Firstly they must be respected by the Kindred of the fief in question, but also seen as being approachable.

However, aside from the Praetor and Elder, the Aediles have a number of responsibilities common to each of them.

- The Aediles are responsible for the protection and well-being of the Questors (Younger Directorate). This responsibility cannot be stressed highly enough. If a member of the Aediles is incapable of this function then they have no business calling themselves Aediles. If a Questor is slain without the consent of the Aediles, then it is then their responsibility to seek amends for that act, even if this will cost them their own lives.

- The Aediles as a whole must regularly amend Directorate policy in order to achieve maximum goals. Included in this should be the creation of joint projects for the Directorate as a whole to increase Clan assets. Policy decision regarding fief-wide matters (both political and non-political) and current standing of Directorate members.

- The Aediles must amend Directorate policy so that it best reflects current Clan policy as set down by the Ephors  - The Aediles must ensure that the ENTIRE Directorate is fully informed about all matters of import. The Praetor usually does this however.

- The Aediles must assist the Questors in their work whenever viable. This may be done via offering consultancy or by 'hands on contact.

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