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Ventrue Documents


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Roles and Responsibilities 2 - Questors (the Younger Dirctorate.)

The Two Tier Directorate


In the two-tier system the younger Directorate will at times include Eiren. These are usually newly arrived or released Ventrue who have yet to prove themselves. I recommend they are kept in the position of Eiren for three months, during which time they have few rights. A simple task may be given to them to complete in order to prove themselves.

I furthermore recommend leaving the Questors an amount of room in which to manoeuvre. Whilst it is important for the Aediles to give tasks to the Questors it should be recognised that without the ability to operate on their own initiative they are unlikely to become well rounded members of the Directorate.

- The Questors are subservient to the Aediles. When policy decisions are made it is the responsibility of the Questors to implement tasks given to them to the best of their ability.

- The Questors are responsible for the education of any Eiren who may be among them.

- The Questors are responsible for their own safety. Whilst they may rely upon the Aediles to protect them, it is important that they do not blindly wander into dangerous situations. It is important for them to remember that a Ventrue who becomes a liability to the Clan rarely lasts long.

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