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Ventrue Documents


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Roles and Responsibilities 3 - The Directorate as a whole

The Two Tier Directorate


As well as individual responsibilities there are duties common to all members of the Directorate. These responsibilities are largely concerned with how to behave in public, and more astute members of a Directorate will require little instruction in this. However it is best that they are laid out so we may ensure that we retain our dignity and standing in Kindred Society.

- Members of the Directorate must not disagree in public. Any disagreements that take place must do so in Directorate meetings, and according to the protocol observed within them. Always show the world a united front.

- Members of the Directorate should always dress and comport themselves with utmost dignity in public, no matter what the time of night, or the situation. - Clan Business must never be spoken of to outsiders under any circumstances.

- All members of the Directorate must treat other Camarilla Kindred with the respect that you would expect them to show you. Do not be drawn into an unseemly taunting match wherever possible.

- All members of the Directorate must come to one another's aid when necessary or asked. This Ethic of succour is inviolable. No grudge must be held against one who asks for aid, nor does it be mentioned in later conversations. Do not ask for aid unless you need it.

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