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Advice for Neonates

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Advice for Neonates
What's New?

In Advice for Neonates?

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18th June 2002
OK, I've updated the Ventrue Hierarchy page to make more sense.  As you'll be able to see we also now have this What's New? page.  I've updated the Navigation bar at the top of the page as it was a bit slapdash.  Theres also some info on the Daeva, and a page describing some guidelines for the Discplinary Procedures.
20th June 2002
Right, we now have the Ventrue Guide to Manipulating Nearly Everyone You Will Ever Meet v2.0, to have a look at it please go to the Manipulation v2.0 page on the navigation bar - oh, and I've added a couple of 'Last Updated' thingies...
22nd June 2002
Today's little offering is the Online Archives page :
Note : If you are not a member of Clan Ventrue then the Online Archives page is OOC (It's on the Secure Vencorp Server.) - with the thrilling "The Clan Ventrue - Traditions and History, by Jason Peterson." With more to come.  I'm currently working on a Document on the "New Ventrue" Movement, possibly with a Manifesto etc... ;-)
24th June 2002
Guess what I did at work today? - yes the Proposal for the New Ventrue Movement! it's on the Online Archives page (see link above!)
7th July 2002
Okay - tonight's little offering is a page on Dignitas and one explaining the formal procedure for Meetings. I'm also going to update the who's who pages on the Directorate homepage with the number of votes each Member has.

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