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Ventrue Documents


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Clan Organisation

The Clan Ventrue - Traditions and History
A Treatsy by Mr Jason Faustus Scorpio

Alone among the Children of Caine, the Clan Ventrue has an extremely formal organisation. The advantages of this are numerous, but it allows every member of the Clan to know their role and duties. It is unlike the 'pyramid' organisation of the Tremere, and requires few of their tricks in order to remain stable. Over the centuries, while some aspects of the Clans structure have changed, the core factors have remained stable.

Most levels of the Ventrue Hierarchy will never be seen by many of its members. It is rare that the higher levels of our Clan will need to correspond with the lower directly, and instead messages and orders will be passed down from 'on-high"'.

Some have likened the Directorate structure to that of a large corporation, but while this may be a useful metaphor it is unlikely that any similarity is intentional.

Clan Titles

Ephor {The ephorate, THE directorate} - The grand Directorate. More a rumour than an actual title this group creates policy for the Clan as a whole. While obviously various individual Ventrue including the justicar hold Tremendous Political sway, it is the Ephors who choose the representative to the inner council, and manage vast global Clan assets. They also function as the ultimate court for intra-clan disputes and crimes.

Lictors {Trouble-shooters} - These are the strong-arm of the ephorate, possibly best thought of as the clan's internal police force. Whilst they nave no official power over Clan members, it is wise to listen to their decisions. It is rare for a lictor to be sent into an area, unless there are matters of particular importance.

Stragetgoi {Elders} - Ventrue who have achieved considerable respect and influence over a wide geographical area. They essentially run things on behalf of the Ephors.

Tribunes {Agents at large} - The lowest level of the ephorate body of command, similar in many ways to the Stragetgoi, but without the influence. They usually have a long track record of usefulness, and are called upon to assist Lictors that are operating in their general areas.

The Gerousia {the directorate, the board} - This term refers to the wider directorate (i.e. all non-renegade members of the clan) resident in a fief.

Praetor {Managers} - The highest rank within a city hierarchy. They are responsible for managing Ventrue affairs in a city, and are expected to maintain a meeting place with their own funds. No official powers are attributed to the position, but the praetor is most likely not without their own influence. The Clan tends to turn to the Praetor for guidance in times of crisis. This position is NOT to be confused with the Camarilla title of Clan Elder, it is easier to compare with the Tremere title - Regent.

Aediles {Supervisors, the Elder directorate} - below praetor these Kindred have achieved a small amount of Dignitas. It is my intention to detail the work of the Elder Directorate in a later section.

Questors (the younger directorate) - again it is my intention to detail the work of the younger directorate in more detail.

Eiren {Associates} - the lowest rung short of renegade. In large directorates these will form a further third directorate below the younger directorate. In smaller directorates I advise leaving new Kindred in this position for three months before moving them to the younger directorate. Otherwise, things get a little unwieldy.

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