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Ethan's Homepage
My Favorite Links

Here's the Websites that I use regularly...

Here you'll find link's to my favorite sites on the net...  And at the bottom of the page I've got a little thing that'll allow you to suggest links. (BTW All the links will open in a new page.)

Got an Idea what you want to see, why not search for it using Google?


Profile Websites
Here are some sites where you can set up a profile for yourself online - I've met some really lovely people through here, and that's just as friends!

Funny Websites
Here's some links to some websites that I find quite funny, I hope you do too!

Dicks House - If you're stuck!

The Sims
Yes - I have become addicted to the little gits!  So if you, like me, want more for your sims then have a look at the following websites...

The Sims (Official)

Simulation Sims

Wytch's Brew

Website Resources
Here's a list of site's I've used to create this Homepage... Thanks to them all, and I hope you find them easy to use too if you decide you want to create your own...



Google Image Searcher


And here's where you can suggest a link yourself....