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Ethan's Homepage

Music is a very important part of my life..

Here's a brief rundown of the sort of things you can expect me to listen to...
(Typical Fag up to now right?)
Random 80's
PWL Stuff
Comedy/Fun Records
(Still quite Stereotypical.)
Early 90's Europop
Late 80's/Early 90's Acid/House
(Oooh veering away now...)
Sisters of Mercy
The Damned
The Mission
Uh-huh, I love everything from Bubblegum Pop to goth and Rock.
These are the bits that actually make me, I use music to match my mood, create a new one, or just to relax.  I love dancing and can always be found on the dancefloor when out!

Well, I've found the perfect resource for those people like me, who are interested in who did what, when, and how well they did (Charts-wise). So have a look at the Popsearch database...

Nick's Popsearch

Lycos MP3 Search

Artist or Song Name: