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Ethan's Homepage
Social Life

My Social Life is a bit quiet at the moment (Hence why I have time to Make this page!!)

Not much to say about my social life except here's a few links to clubs that I like and some info on Newcastle Gay Scene...

Snakebite and Black

Newcastle's Goth/Alternative 80's night - used to be held at Rockshots but has now finised as too few people were going *sniff!*.  The Cyber/Trad row reaches it's peak in the guestbook, but at least you'll get an idea of what it's like!

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Newcastle Gay Scene

Well the part of it run by Fat Boy Leisure at any rate.  So you can see part of the joy's of living in Newcastle!

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Poptastic - I don't get to go to Poptastic now but it's the best club night in the world - ever!!  A mix of indie/rock, and Bubblegum Pop/Retro (if you've looked at my Music page you'll see why this is so good...) I have been found moshing to the Pixies one minute and dancing along to Steps the next...

Poptastic - The Website!

Poptastic ShagTags - The Original and Best, Now also a message board...

Email Ethan

(Just want to say thanks to Nigel for permission to use the poptastic logo - you are sooo great!)