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Ethan's Homepage
My Friends

Friends IRL
Here is where I will put links to either a page I've made on each of my friends, or their own website (if they have one.)  This side will have My friends that I know from real life.
Stewart is my Best Friend - Artistic, Caring, and Attractive! (It's true - all the best men are Gay!)
Amanda Fag Hag Extraordinaire, and quite a nice lass!

Jolanda A very close friend, married to Matt, and with a Gorgeous baby called Linden

More to follow...

Friends from the Net
And over here I'll put links to pages or profiles of my friends from the net.  They're all lovely!!!


Martin's lovely, I met him on the Poptastic Shagtags Board (See my Social Life page for a link.) and he's really sweet!


Graeme is a fab guy, really down to earth, and so sweet (but in a "real man" sort of way - honest. He's lovely - have a lok at his website and see for yourself!


Alex is a sweet Italian lad that I met on Faceparty (for the link go to the My Favorite Links page.) he's cute and knows just what to say to make you feel nice!


Paul is really sweet and lives outside Durham, he's gonna be makin a website soon as well!

More to follow...