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The Lord replied "My child I love you and would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints - it was then that I carried You."

Stewart J Kavanagh

Stewart is my best friend, we've known each other for 10 years and I love him with all my heart.  He's an artist in the truest sense of the word, musician, painter, actor, and is one of the most sensitive people I know.  He's had a bit of a rough time of it over the "John Incident" - (Don't ask - Just don't sit him in front of Changing Rooms if their doing windows!) - but he's now with Richard (The new one who's a farmer, NOT Jerry - Try to keep up people!!!)  I have got some of his artwork up in his gallery (The link is below). But he is always changing his style, so who know's what's next???.
Stewart has been there throughout all my biggest problems, helping me to cope with them simply by being there and listening - he's the greatest and kindest person you could wish to meet!

Stewies Artwork (Gallery)


Stewie has released an album called "The Best of... Yet To Come" and it is FANTASTIC, so get in touch with him and ask to buy a copy his email address is:

email Stewie and get a copy!!!

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