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Advice for Neonates

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Advice for Neonates

Suggestions on how to present oneself in public


Kindred society is a political minefield, and Clan Ventrue is no exception. We however have spent many nights preparing these suggestions - the culmination of centuries work for the Clan. These are for your benefit, and will help you present yourself in a fitting manner.


Always address another Kindred by his Title, in mixed company use his Camarilla Title. If he has no title then address him by his surname (e.g. Mr Twiglet, Ms Chase.)

Shake a man's hand, kiss a woman's. Women should simply let their hands be kissed by men and kiss fellow women on the right cheek.

Defer to your Elders in all things. Wait for them to acknowledge you before speaking.

Never Interrupt another clanmate when he speaks, even if you are his Elder. Never take offence when an Elder interrupts you, Even if it is rude.

Always look into an Elders eyes when conversing with him. This shows not only interest, but trust as well.

Never raise your voice, use unacceptable language for the occasion, or otherwise linguistically debase yourself.

Your blood preference is your own matter - as are others - remember this at all times.

Public Appearances

Ensure that you are always fittingly attired and presented for the occasion you are attending.

Never disagree with a Clanmate in public, there are closed doors for a reason - use them. Always show the world a United Front

Do not discuss Clan Business with outsiders without Directorate permission..

Treat others with the same respect as you yourself wish to be treated. There is no need for one of your heritage to debase yourself by lowering to their level.

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