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Advice for Neonates

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Advice for Neonates
Useful Resources

Resources Available Online

A list of Online resources for Ventrue Players and Characters.

Clan Ventrue - Tyne and Wear now has an Online Archives page, which contains documents written by members of the Directorate to help others.  To View it please see the link below:
Note : If you are not a member of Clan Ventrue then the Online Archives page is OOC (It's on the Secure Vencorp Server.) 
I have wrote a large list of questions for help in writing a background.  To see it please see my Character Creation page.
All Ventrue should have at least a cursory knowledge of Nicholo Machiavelli's The Prince here is a link to the best site I have been able to find with the best text and format:
Or here a a condensed version for those who do not have time to read the whole text:
The Art of War by Sun Tzu is another good text for the Ventrue who would prepare for war.  An annotated and translated version can be found below:

...........More Links to follow...........