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Advice for Neonates

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Advice for Neonates

An introduction

Non Omnis Moriar

What is Dignitas?
For the newcomer to the clan it may seem to be a bewildering array of rules, conventions and traditions.  None of which are quantifiable, and many of which are not even written.  The truth however is much simpler, but in true Ventrue fashion it is cloaked in much unnecessary wording.
Dignitas is simply the Name given to progression within the clan.  Incorporating the Japanese concept of "Face", the Medieval ideals of "Chivalry" and the Victorian standrds of "Good Form".  The rules of Dignitas are not only concerned with What we do, but also How we do it.
The Ventrue Clan has always prided itself in it's demonstration of itself as a clan to be respected, the rules of Dignitas are enforced to ensure that this remains the case.

The Acquisition of Dignitas.
Traditionally Dignitas is an unquantified concept.  The present hierarchy in Tyne and Wear however believes that it is much better that the accrual of Dignitas be more defined.  Therefore the following Ideas for the accrual of Dignitas have been put forward.
- The Acquisition of a New Clan Resource.
- The Dealing with a difficult or potentially embarressing situation with minimal fuss and witnesses.
- A Position in the Directorate.
- A Position in the Court.
- Sponsorship from an Elder Cainite.
- Performing an action for the benefit of the Directorate.
- Assisting a fellow Clan Member.
- Gaining Status in the eyes of the Camarilla.
Obviously, the accrual of Dignitas in these situations will be entirely discretionary, and remember it is also the way that you do these things as well as the things that you do that will accrue Dignitas.  A Kindred who Gains a new Clan Resource by acquiring it from the local Brujah Elder and then gets caught, causing the Clan to have to rescue the situation will not gain Dignitas, but may indeed lose it.

What does it Mean?
In these modern nights the Tyne and Wear Directorate are attempting to bring itself in line with the needs of the Younger Kindred whilst still keeping the Traditions that have led us for millenia.
In this vein the Directorate have introduced a ballot system.  The number of votes in any ballot are directly equivilent to the Dignitas of a member.  For more information please see the Meetings page.

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