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Advice for Neonates

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Advice for Neonates
Discplinary Procedures

For the Tyne and Wear Directorate.

Non Sibi Sed Alis

There are a number of Procedures, depending on the severity of the case and the kindred involved.  below are the guidelines for most situations.
Younger Directorate / Non Ventrue to Younger Directorate
The matter must be taken to the Chair of the Younger Directorate, who will deal with it if it is within his/her power to do so, if not then (s)he will escalate through the established channels to the Gerousia.  The Gerousia will then deal with the matter.
Younger Directorate to Gerousia
The Member must take his/her complaint to the Chair of the Younger Directorate, who will bring the matter to the attention of the Gerousia through the established channels.  The matter will then be dealt with in the most appropriate manner.  The petitioner may appear at the hearing, but will have no vote.
Non-Ventrue / Gerousia to Gerousia
The petitioner must bring the matter directly to the attention of the Praetor, or, if the accusee is the Praetor then the Stragetoi.  The matter will then be dealt with by the Gerousia.  If the petitioner is not Ventrue then (s)he may request to be present at the hearing, this is not however guaranteed.  (S)he will however recieve a copy of the verdict in written format within 28 days of the hearing.
Ventrue to Non Ventrue
The complaint must be forwarded directly to your immediate superior who will deal with it wherever possible.  These matters are the most likely to be forwarded directly to the Stragetoi, who can then bring it to the attention of the Respective Elder of the accusee.
Obviously, in any matter the first step should be to attempt to deal with the matter yourself.  These guidelines are here only as a fallback for when such options are unavailable.