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Advice for Neonates

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Advice for Neonates

The Secret Masters

Rebeka Arpad, Kronstadt, Winter 1949 AD

Ah, I see you recognise the term, perhaps you overheard it after a Directorate meeting, or maybe your sire has acquainted you with the concept...
No matter, you see, each member of the clan has his or her own understanding of the phrase, and each is different.  I shall now attempt to inform you of mine, to the best of my abilities...
Many kindred not of the Clan will inform you that the existance of the Daeva is only in our minds, that Ventrue throughout the ages created the concept from their paranoid minds.  The Sabbat will go even further and tell you that the whole idea is a lie, based on a fairy story.  Let me assure that I wish it were the case.
When Caine left Enoch, he charged Ventrue with the care of the rest of his brood.  Ventrue was the ideal choice for this, in life he had been a leader and protector of his tribe, and his vampiric state had increased his ability.  Before he left Caine told him that he must be wary of the Daeva, the Secret Masters, whose sole purpose was to rule the world completely.  Even Caine himself was afeared of them, however he left to find them and to challege them for the dominion of his childer.
No-one knows how Caine's quest fared, however most Ventrue believe that he fights to this day against the evils that would rule from the Shadows.
None of our clan have been able to find even a hint as to what the Daeva are, or solid proof that they exist.  However, their machinations are clear to see.  How many times has a respected Elder put the full weight of her Political standing behind a candidate for Prince, and removed it at the last minute, unable to give a satisfactory reason?  How many petty squabbles that should have been cleared centuries ago, continue to this night, for no good reason?
The Daeva are subtle, and for this very reason we must also be subtle, however we must fight them wherever and however we can.  For in doing so, we are assisting the founder of our line, and Caine himself.
Yours In The Blood
Rebeka Arpad
Winter 1949 AD