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Advice for Neonates

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Advice for Neonates
The Clans

The Clans of the Kindred

So, my Childe, you want to know about the Clans, well I shall tell you all I know. Please note however that I am not, and have never been an expert on the matter. Nor will all I tell you be true, as it is but my own flawed opinion, weighted by my own bias.

The Camarilla

The Camarilla is an organisation of kindred dedicated to upholding the Six Traditions of Caine, The Mythological Ancestor of us all. There are seven Clans involved in this organisation and they are:

Brujah - One of the most divided of the Clans, the Brujah are made up of Idealists and Rebels. They have some of the greatest minds in all the world at their disposal and yet they seem to be content to each pursue their own personal ideas of freedom and individuality. Should they ever gain a strong urge to co-operate these will be formidable enemies. As they stand however they are great allies in the War against the Sabbat.

Gangrel - It can be easy to mistake these kindred for the barbarians that they resemble. Let me assure you however, that this clan contains some of the most cunning minds and greatest in the Camarilla. Although a touch animalistic, they are of great use, and have control of the powers of shape-changing, which can make even the weakest extremely useful.

Malkavians - Do not let their madness fool you, within this clan are some of the most powerful kindred in the world today. Often you will find these Cainites funny, sometimes they will strike fear into your heart. Both of these emotions are good, they are to be feared, but do not take them too seriously.

Nosferatu - Although their appearance may make you wish to avoid the members of this clan, let me assure you that they are probably the greatest source of information in the world at present. If they do not know the information you seek, they know someone who does. Remember - befriend one of these, treat him well and you will have an information font for the rest of your unlife.

Toreador - Artists, Poets, and Socialites to a man, it is often the Childe's first mistake to assume that this clan are not concerned with Kindred Politics. My advice is do not shun these kindred, they often have friends and allies in the highest of places. The Toreador are excellent company if you want to be noticed, get in with the right clique and you're assured of recognition much faster than your peers. Beware however not to cross their fickle nature.

Tremere - This Clan of Wizards are probably our biggest threat. Blood Mages, it is said that they are all slaves to the Blood Oath with those of higher rank than themselves. They therefore have a much tighter run organisation than any other Clan. This has its drawbacks however as the individual members cannot therefore act completely independently. However their mastery of the Powers of Thaumaturgy (Vampire Magic) is terrifying.


The Sabbat

These are the antithesis of everything the Camarilla believes. If you see one of these kindred then do not hesitate, destroy them immediately, or they will destroy you.

Lasombra - The Magisters are evil Lords of Darkness. It is said that they have sold their souls for the evil powers they posess over darkness.They are almost our counterparts in the Sabbat and can be as cunning as we. Remember however that the Sabbat are a small group with little real power, and you will understand why the Magisters are not to be over-feared.

Tzimisce - The truly fearsome face of the Sabbat are in this clan, with their powers over the body they can reform and twist a person into an unrecognisable parody of human life.

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