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Advice for Neonates

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Advice for Neonates

The Laws that bind us


Domain is granted by the Prince. Once you have your own domain, you are answerable only to the Prince for your actions there. Any who wish to enter your domain must present themselves suitably or incur your wrath.


You must be accomodating to those within your domain. An extension of this is the Ventrue Tradition of Succour. Should another Ventrue come to you requesting aid, you MUST assist them in any way within your power. The Tradition of Succour is only to be used in the direst of emergencies, lest your dignitas be impacted upon.


The Embrace is a gift that must not be given lightly. Before Siring you must first approach your Sire or your Elder and your Prince. Only the Prince may give permission for a new neonate to be embraced.


Should you Embrace, you must know that your Childe will be your responsibilty until such time a s he or she is released. Note however, that the Ventrue will hold you answerable for your childe's actions eternally.


As we mentioned earlier, the Embrace is a gift. None may take this gift away from another save the Prince. Only the Prince may call the Lextalionis or Blood Hunt.

The Masquerade

The sixth and to some the most important Tradition, The Masquerade is our protection from the fear and hatred of the mortal Kine. You must not show vulgar displays of your Kindred nature in the presence of those who are not of the Blood. Breach of this Tradition is ALWAYS punishable by death.

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