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Advice for Neonates

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Advice for Neonates

The Hidden Clan


Dont knock them. Ever. Not even in the privacy of your own haven. Never. Do I sound a little paranoid? Listen, when youre dealing with the Nosferatu, there are two kinds of paranoia: total and insufficient. If you have ever said anything about them, like "rat-face" or "useless sewer-crawlers" even when you were asleep, you better not be counting on them for anything.

That said, there is only one way to manipulate a Nosferatu and its very simple. Ask what the Nosferatu wants, and then give it to them. If you have never crossed them, they wont cross you first. Its called trust. You may have heard of it once or twice.

Let me tell you something else. Its possible to betray the Nosferatus trust and get away with it. Its just very, very hard. They stick together. They have something called "clan unity". You may have heard of that once or twice too, probably from a Tremere. No, we dont go in for that sort of thing either.

So how do you go about screwing a Nosferatu pawn who has served their usefulness? Do it indirectly, and be vociferous in your defense of the guy. Insist that what happened to him (social ostracism works far too well, as does yanking material possessions or herd members) was a real injustice and that you offer your sympathy to them. But no help.

Nothing they can do about it, and they still love you. You can do this over and over and over again if youre good enough. But on the other hand, if you have to read this to figure out how to do it, you arent good enough. Better just go with the "trust" theory.