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Advice for Neonates

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Advice for Neonates

The Clan of the Rose


Believe it or not, this may be the hardest clan to consistently manipulate. Why? Well, first of all, their only hook is art. Theres really no way you can use that hook to reel them in. Theyre probably so entrenched in the local art scene that even if you held 200 poets captive and threatened to off them all, the Toreador would probably just turn up their noses and denounce them as "passe". Whats more, they often resent the fact that while they are "clearly" the finest Kindred around, while they are out carousing and having a good time, we are getting things done. Sorry, but I dont have anything really substantive to say about the Toreador except the best way to deal with them is to sit on that rumor mill and listen to whats going on. Reputation is everything to them, so if you can get a stranglehold on one of those youve got a pawn for unlife.