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Advice for Neonates

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Advice for Neonates
Letter From Morgaine Mayfair

Autumn 2000 AD

Welcome to the Clan Ventrue, my Childe.
Now that you have joined our ranks, there is much you must learn. Fortunately, you have all of eternity. If you are lucky and careful
Firstly, I must apologise for restricting your movements a little. As a Childe, I am responsible for your actions. I believe I have chosen well, in bestowing the Embrace upon you but my responsibility does not end there. Now I must teach you the ways and traditions of our line, and what it means to be a Ventrue.
Our motives are almost always about power and control. Not because we enjoy it but because it is our duty to preserve the institutions that other Kindred depend upon for their protection. Of course power has its own rewards but be aware that it can also be a burden.
You must be wary of gaining power that you cannot hold on to. Although this will serve you well in the short term, letting what you have gained slip through your fingers will earn you nothing but contempt from your Clan. Always be sure as you can be of your position before you proceed - foolish risks lead to downfall. Don't be afraid of making calculated gambles though. Often, this is the only way to proceed.
Be aware of your method of gaining power and the repercussions it may have. Some of our line favour force and intimidation to gain their influence and standing. If they are capable of using such tactics effectively, they gain prestige and privilege reasonably quickly. However, they always run the risk of offending someone stronger than they are or alienating potential allies.
I have found that building trust and friendship is a slower but much more reliable way of establishing control and authority. If you are approachable, people are more willing to listen to you. If you are (or seem) honest, people are more willing to trust you. If you are (or appear to be) capable, people are more willing to follow your lead.
Always take care in the dealings you make. An offer may seem excellent at the time but an alliance or agreement entered into hastily can have repercussions that last for an extremely long time, especially with other Kindred. Be certain that you weigh up the benefits against the payment you will have to make in due course. Never accept an offer of easy gains lightly. If someone (especially other Kindred) are offering you something, you can guarantee that they will expect something in return. Of course, if you have something to offer, by all means offer it - you can call in your due too.
I believe that is all for now. Learn these lessons well, practice them and when you have become adept at the power game that all Kindred play, maybe you will be ready to make your own way in the world.
Morgaine Mayfair Clan Ventrue

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